The Forbidden Enchantment by Nina Bruhns
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1454
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0373275242
Reviewed by Nannette



In 1791, privateer Captain Sullivan Fouqet placed a voodoo curse on Lord Henry Sullivan and all of his ancestors.  When Sully comes back in the body of Andre Sullivan, he intends to seek his revenge against his enemy. 

Elizabeth Hamilton bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Hayden, Sully’s long lost love.  Elizabeth has come to Magnolia Cove to find Andre.  He is a distant relation to her brother Caleb.  Caleb is sick and Andre may be the only one who can save his life. 

Sully and Elizabeth are falling for each other, but their love seems impossible.  If Sully saves Caleb’s life, he will never fulfill his quest for revenge.

Shocking discoveries, revenge, humor and passion fill the pages of The Forbidden Enchantment.  It is an interesting and exciting story with twists and turns on every page.


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