The Cake Babe by M.A. Ellis
Ellora’s Cave
Quickie / Contemporary
ISBN 978-1-41991-138-5
Reviewed by Sharon



Marissa Hughes is a master at making beautiful and tasty wedding cakes.  She just hasn’t mastered finding the right guy for her and her eleven months of self-imposed celibacy does not help.  But those celibacy walls don’t stand a chance of remaining upright once Marissa spies a hunk in her kitchen – a hunk who is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Tattooed In Places You’d Love To Lick”.  That is one saying Marissa would love to follow through on.

Jason “Jay” Henderson spots her, the cake babe, working on the cake for his cousin’s wedding.  Instantly attracted to her, Jason pursues Marissa, and not just to get a taste of her buttercream.  When these two get together, things heat up in the kitchen, a stockroom and many other places.

The Cake Babe is a quick, fun, read.  Marissa is a thirty-four year old woman who can hardly believe that Jason wants her.  But she moves outside her comfort zone and meets Jason’s sexual teasing head on. I didn’t get as good an insight on Jason, which is too bad because I loved the interaction between him and his brothers.  I realize The Cake Babe is a “quickie” but this story moved a bit fast for me.  Besides wanting a little more development of Jason’s character, I didn’t believe that Marissa wasn’t into exhibitionism, not when you take into account the many public places the couple hooked up.  Although not a full-course meal, The Cake Babe serves nicely as an appetizer.


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