Sweet Revenge by Peggy Hunter
Bachelor for Sale
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Reviewed by Tanya



Ally is about to get married to Sam but before she does, she wants to do one last thing.  She wants revenge on Randy.  Randy took more than her virginity on prom night; he took part of her heart with him.  Now Ally is determined to get him out of her mind and heart for once and all.  She has decided she will purchase him at the bachelor charity auction, take him to Lake Sherwood and abandon him there, as he did her 15 years earlier.

Ally has accomplished her revenge but why does she not feel any better?  Now as her mother pushes her into the marriage, her fiancé seems to not see she needs more, and her sister is trying to get her to admit she really doesn’t want to marry Sam, she is trying to figure out if she can have it all.  And more importantly does Randy figure into the equation and does he want to.

Super spicy hot is how I would describe Sweet Revenge.  I thoroughly enjoyed how Ally’s sister was able to manipulate things so that Ally finally looked at things that needed to be looked at all the while being the supportive sister.  Who can resist a buff fireman?  Sweet Revenge is the first book in the Bachelor for Sale Series and if they are all as hot as this one was I can’t wait to read the next one.


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