Spontaneous by Karen Erickson
Hot Summer Nights
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-591-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Sophie has been attracted to her Ďstraight lacedí boss from the first time she met him.  But, she has sworn off men and especially those she works with.  She has decided that she is tired of being used and discarded by men.  Not only that, Sophie knows she doesnít belong in Ianís world, not with the inflated stories of her past.

Ianís girlfriend of three years has dumped him.  And he had planned to ask her to marry whim within a few months.  It was all in his plans.  One thing that is not in his plans is how he has always been drawn to the spontaneous Sophie, she's his employee for goodness sake.

When he becomes drunk at the hotel bar where they work will she be able to keep to her convictions, and will he finally do something spontaneous?  Whatís more is there any future for them?

Hot, Hot, Hot!  That was my first opinion of Spontaneous and the author managed to keep me thinking that all the way through.  I thoroughly enjoyed the authorís characters as well as her overall story line.  I think Spontaneous makes a wonderful addition to the Hot Summer Nights series.  I look forward to future writings by this author, who was new to me.


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