Sink or Swim by Alexis Fleming
ISBN: 978-1-906328-01-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Samie had her life planned out in her mind, but suddenly when her mother leaves just before she turns 25 she leaves her a legacy.  The legacy is that she will turn into a mermaid when she is 25.  This is a problem for Samie as not only is she afraid of the water but she can’t swim.  Hey.. she only owns the surf shop, she doesn’t surf.  She has a plan though she's going to get hunky Jonah to teach her to swim.  If she's lucky she will also get him to be her “horizontal wrestling buddy”.

Jonah is stunned Samie seems to be putting the moves on him.  He has lusted after her for a long time now but she never seemed interested.  Teaching her to swim might be a lot more fun than she realizes.  Especially if she is serious about the mermaid thing, and can accept his secret also.

Sink or Swim was a funny light hearted story.  I liked the idea of blending the myth of the mermaid with the selkie.  The author did a nice job in setting the scene for the Australian coast surf crowd and how a mermaid and/or selkie might fit in with the crowd.


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