Silk and Steel by Stella and Audra Price
The Eververse Series, Book 2
Tease Publishing
Dark Fantasy
ISBN: 13: 978-1-934678-15-2, 10:1-934678-15-5
Reviewed by Jo



Arcady Morrison has been sent to Russia on a mission to find a woman.  Since Arcady is an Incubus it shouldn’t seem too odd, however he isn’t searching for himself but rather for his friend Fallon.  The woman in question is Fallon’s long lost cousin and they didn’t exactly part on good terms.  All Arcady knows is that she is in Russia, her original name and that she is alive.  Russia holds old enemies for Arcady, but he has been promised clear passage to complete his mission and the ability to leave with the woman when he finds her.  Just Arcady’s luck that not everyone got the memo that he had permission to be there and complete his mission.

Snow is Dimitri’s enforcer and companion.  Depending on her mood she can be either bloodthirsty killer or a playful sex kitten.  Dimitri is a demon whose area includes Russia; he is also the one who created Snow from her previous life.  Snow has alternately enthralled, troubled and sickened Dimitri at times.  Snow rarely thinks about whom she use to be, or her life before Dimitri.  Her life with Dimitri has been the happiest she can remember.  After an argument, Snow is on her own and wondering what to do when she finds out that Arcady is not only in Russia but headed towards her. 

Arcady and Snow have an instant attraction even under the unusual circumstances in which they meet.  Imagine each of their surprises when Snow discovers that she is the woman that Arcady came to Russia to find.  After negotations done as only an Incubus can, Snow agrees to travel to Shadow Heights and meet with Fallon and his fiancé.  Snow begins to realize she is falling for Arcady, but is afraid that if she has a spell he might turn his back on her.  When Snow is harmed while trying to get away from an attempted and misguided kidnapping she discovers the true meaning of love.  Love that comes from a heart that knows what you are and accepts it – not what someone wants you to be.

I have been waiting for Silk and Steel since I closed the last page of the previous Eververse book.  My wait was well worth it and I was not disappointed.  Arcady and Snow are the main focus in this novel – an Incubus who knows the dirty side of life along with the sensual and a woman that has survived some of the worst that life can throw at her and came out stronger (and more deadly) for it.  Arcady gives Snow the slow and sensual type of love that comes from real emotional bonding.  While Arcady and Snow are the main focus, all the other characters from the previous book are back and the Eververse saga continues to enthrall.  Once again the Price Sisters have taken their unique world and characters and created a world that not only pulls you in, but holds you and won’t let go until the last page.  Dark fantasy that is fulfilling, sensual and sexy at the same time is the trademark that Stella and Audra Price have developed superbly.  I will be counting the days until the next chapter in this universe.  My advice is to have a nice drink and curl up in a comfy chair before you start Silk and Steel because you won’t be getting up until it’s done. 

I do feel that I should mention that there is one scene towards the beginning that is graphic horror in nature, but I felt it needed to be there to show Snow’s nature – both the good and bad. 


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