Side-Lined by Carol Lynne
Campus Cravings, Book 2
Total E-bound
Contemporary/Mild D/s (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-12-2
Reviewed by Sabella



When his best-friend and lover, Nick, died in a car crash Max Henley’s life was changed forever.  Not only did Max lose his partner, but he also lost his ability to play football, so Max has concentrated in academics - to the exclusion of all else in his life.  However, when he starts dreaming about his Greek Mythology professor the guilt he feels over it is nearly overwhelming.  Will he ever be able to get over Nick’s death to love someone else?

Alec has been lusting after Max since Max’s freshman year.  The problem was Max was one of his students and in a committed relationship – but not anymore and Alec is done waiting.  The perfect opportunity has come up for Alec to draw Max closer, but will Max let him?  And will Max still want him once he learns the things that Alec will demand of him?

Side-Lined is a good book with lots of angst, passion and a little kink.  Max will take you along his emotional journey where he comes to terms with Nick’s death and the realization that his relationship with Nick just might not have been meant to be.  His dynamic with Alec is interesting, if a little cheesy with the nicknames they use.  However, Carol Lynne does a good job of presenting a light side to the D/s lifestyle, but be aware that it does travel outside the bedroom.  Reading about these two was entertaining as well as emotional, but always hot!  Side-Lined was fun and full of angst and great for an afternoon’s entertainment.


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