Show Me by Jaci Burton
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-526-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Janine Bartolino is very careful in her life and how she is supposed to act in public.  As advisor and executor of her deceased fatherís various charities, she is aware of how her behavior needs to be above reproach.  When her friends drag her to a club called Sneak Peek to celebrate her birthday, she is a bit peeved at them for leaving her standing at the entrance, but rescue comes in the form of Phillipe Delacroix.  Unknown to Janine, he is part owner of Sneak Peek.  Phillipe offers to show Janine around the club and since she has no earthly idea what to expect, she is in for a bit of a surprise. 

Phillipe ďDelĒ Delacroix watches the unsure but striking woman enter his club and only to be left behind by her friends.  Offering to show her what the club has to offer, he has to be on his best behavior.  While Del sees the activities going on at Sneak Peek on a daily basis, he enjoys seeing it for the first time through Janineís eyes and he canít help but be aroused and attracted to her.  When her conscience intrudes and makes Janine hesitant to enjoy her passion, Del knows that when she finally comes to grips with her feelings and embraces her desires, then she will be beautiful indeed. 

Show Me is the second story in the Sneak Peek duet.  I could not resist reading this story after having read the blurb and knowing the writing style of Ms. Burton.  She took one womanís secret, innermost fantasies and wrote them in such a way that even I was dying for Janine to indulge in a bit of voyeuristic play.  Add in the fact that Del was actually falling in love for the first time and the plot was just right.  Sitting and reading, and actually talking to the characters more than once, I found myself at club Sneak Peek watching, looking and just indulging.  It was perfect. 

Jaci Burton continues to be one of my favorite authors. I canít get enough of her writing and when the Sneak Peek duet comes out in print, also by Samhain, I will hurriedly snap up my very own copy. 


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