Second Chances by Karen Erickson
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60088-131-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Widow Abby McKay has spent the last three years mourning the death of her husband.  Deciding enough is enough, she asks for and is allowed to use a cabin owned by her sister-in-law for a few days in order to regroup and rejuvenate so that she can come up with some idea as to how she is going to begin living her life again.  She doesn’t plan on falling in love but that is what happens.  It is just her luck however because Abby is sure he doesn’t feel the same way; especially since they have not spoken since they parted ways.

Eric Walsh is a lawyer and has spent the last few years working himself slowly to death.  Told by his doctor that he is a heart attack waiting to happen, Eric is allowed to use his friend’s wife’s cabin for a few days of rest and relaxation before going back to work.  He doesn’t plan of meeting anyone at the cabin but he does.  He doesn’t plan on falling in love, but he does.  He doesn’t plan on leaving her after they spent a week together, but sadly he does.

Months later Abby and Eric see each other at a Christmas party and they are unable to keep their hands off each other.  Only this time there are repercussions that are life altering.  Will Eric be the man Abby knows he can be and step up to the plate or will he disappear once more?

Talk about Second Chances.  I believe Abby gave Eric more than two chances and each time he disappeared my heart broke into tiny pieces for Abby.  Unable to fathom why she would continue to believe in Eric and his loyalty, I shook my head more than once at Abby’s stupidity in wanting Eric to be a part of her life.  But, I was wrong.  Abby wasn’t stupid; she was realistic.  She knew that in order for Eric to come to grips with his own feelings and his fear of commitment, then she could only offer her support and he had to make the choice on his own.  In that moment, when I realized Abby’s feelings and plan, I thought her the smartest woman in the world.

Not many women would have stuck with Eric but I am glad that Abby and I did.  Second Chances by Karen Erickson grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  It was a great story of forgiveness and overcoming fear.  I thought it quite wonderful!


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