Running for Cover by Lynn Montana
Sensual Romantic Suspense
ISBN 0-06-074257-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Alexis Chandler is a gemologist. She travels far and wide searching for diamonds and rare stones for her business.  Lexie is on her way to Thailand to finally get her hands on the elusive Heart of Burma, a large, perfect cut ruby.  In order to get it Lexie is partnered with Cole Bannon. Cole is sexy and attractive and their partnership is explosive right from the start. Its also riddled with danger, lies and deceit. Lexie cant trust Cole but shes slowly falling for him anyway.

Lexie knew finding the ruby would be difficult but she didnt know she would lose her heart and possibly her life in the process.

With sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife and steadily growing suspense and danger, Running For Cover keeps the pages turning fast.  On one hand Cole is handsome, sexy and irresistible but on the other he lies through out most of the book.  Lexie is very cool. Shes beautiful, tough and capable. Although the story ended before I was ready for it to because I wanted to see Cole and Lexie removed from it all, Running For Cover is a very engaging and well-written story.


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