On Bliss by KS Augustin
Total E-Bound
Science Fiction
ISBN 978-1-906328-04-7
Reviewed by Indy



After the crash of her ship, which resulted in only Sub-Commander Hoara coming out alive, the care from Toh, a total stranger, ensures her well being. His care and concern is all that keeps the officer of the Space Fleet from certain assault at the hands of the thugs running the sector of Bliss where she crashed. Bliss, a prison planet where criminals are sent never to be heard from again, is not quite what Hoara expected. Toh, is a true anomaly because heís able to make her feel a connection the men on her planet never could. Too bad he has a secret that can turn her world upside down.

This is the first story Iíve read from KS Augustin, so I wasnít sure if it would meet my standards for novellas. On Bliss is in one of my favorite genres, sci-fi and starts off as I would expect, interesting world, team flying through the galaxy experiencing new and different things. Horrible accident saved by a sexy hero then it moves on to a romantic evolution between woman and being. Who could ask for anything more than hot sex of the extraterrestrial sort with a kind and caring alien who does nothing but treat you like a precious gem. I have to have more. I have to know what happened, did Hoara and Toh overcome their differences and become a match made in galaxy heaven? Did anyone else find out Tohís terrible secret? Are there more adventures and delicious trysts in their future? OK, I digress, but all and all I enjoyed this story and would love to see KS Augustin expand on this couple because, if for no other reason, Toh captured my heart.


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