Married to the Marine by Michelle Libby
Champagne Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 189726173X
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Thirty year-old librarian, Ella Rowe, has been called upstage in order to participate in a hometown reality television show.  In order to win the prize, she must agree to allow the audience to pick the man for her to marry, marry him, and participate in various contests for six weeks.  Ella is a bit put out by her friend Cassie, who is also the producer, but she follows along.  When Marine Jake Griffin is introduced, Ella can’t help but roll her eyes at his audacious answers, all the while noticing how extremely hot he is.  When the audience picks Jake as the man for her to marry, Ella’s first thought is to refuse.  However, after talking to Jake and sharing one extremely hot kiss, Ella decides that marrying a stranger might not be so bad.

Jake Griffin, a Sergeant in the Marines, is participating in the reality television show as a bet pay off.  His best friends dared him to seduce the first woman that he saw walk into a bar and while Jake wanted to seduce the woman who did so, he couldn’t.  Not wanting to hedge on a bet and unwilling for his friends to realize his sudden change of heart, Jake follows along with them.  Figuring he can get married, get sex, get prizes, and then get a quick divorce, Jake has no idea what hits him when he looks at the prim and proper, Miss Ella Rowe.  He only knows that he would like to see if Ella is an innocent as she looks.  He has no idea that in a matter of weeks, she will come to mean more to him than he ever thought possible.

I love the premise of this book.  Dull, somewhat plain librarian meets bad boy, sensual Marine.  They meet, marry, and fall in love.  Actually, the road to Ella and Jake’s wedded bliss and happiness was a bit tougher than that, and while it took work for them to fall in love and be friends, the end result was perfect for this book.  If I had to mention something I didn’t like, it would be Ella’s best friend and her involvement.  I wish that part of Ms. Libby’s plot had been explained a bit more thoroughly than it was.  Motive came to mind and I found myself wondering why Ella’s friend would have acted that way.  As for Ella and Jake, I laughed at their arguments and blushed through their loves scenes.  I like how Ella gave Jake a run for his money by being independent and stubborn and I cherished how Jake saw past Ella’s exterior to the beautiful woman on the inside.  All in all, a great afternoon read.  Married to the Marine gets a thumbs up!


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