Love Me Wild by Renee Field
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Shape-shifter
ISBN: 9781419910104
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Rowena knows that the tests do not lie; she is coming upon her cycle.  Hoping against hope she completes the round of testing again to no avail.  She is fertile and there is nothing she can do to stop this vicious cycle.  As a top biologist for Maida, Rowena would like nothing better than to ignore these symptoms. However, to do so would mean certain death, hers, unless she is able to copulate.  Then, to top it off, the man she has intercourse with in turn will begin to show signs of the mating symptoms so much so that the only relief he will have is through death.  Rowena vows to hide her tests until a later date but fate is not with her. Her mother arrives unexpectedly after hearing a noise and sees the results. 

Tulon is a Centaur and was captured a couple of years ago while in stallion form.  Unable to shift to a centaur, Tulon is able to shift to a stallion or human.  Because of this, he was thrown out of his community for being different.  While a prisoner on Maida, he is taken and given to the ruler of the Supreme High Fertility Councilís daughter as a mate.  Overjoyed to be free from his prison, Tulonís excitement is short lived when he is told what the consequences of their rutting would be.  The woman sets Tulon free and shows him the way to freedom.  He decides then and there to take her with him and so picks her up and carries her away.

The two unlikely lovers meet all sorts of mythical and fairy tale creatures.  What they find most important of all is love.  Now if they can just stay alive long enough to fulfill their dreams.  Not if Tulonís archenemy has anything to say about it.

Love Me Wild was quite the tale.  I loved the blurb and was very excited to be reading my first centaur shape-shifting novel.  Tulonís magic was not what I expected. I expected him to be able to change from man to centaur and be done.  Not Tulon. He was able to conjure clothes and all sorts of wonderful things.  Rowena I found to be a bit wishy-washy.  Refusing to couple with Tulon while in Maida because she didnít want him to die, she had no qualms about doing him somewhere else.  The mythical creatures the characters came across in the story were interesting, but I soon tired of the constant conflict of them.

Love Me Wild was a busy book.  Never knowing whom the characters would run into next, I had to stay on my toes just to continue to understand the story.  I would have enjoyed this book much better with less fantasy and a bit more romance I think.  All in all, not a bad read, just not one that I, as a reader enjoyed.  Since this is the first book by Renee Field from Elloraís Cave, I look forward to seeing another release from her.  One book doesnít spoil the author -- I would like to read another novel penned by this author. 


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