Let Me Love You by Mary Wine
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-720-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In Silver Peak, California, Brianna Spencer is a young woman alone.  Her father left months ago to go hunting and has yet to return.  Feared dead, her father canít provide for her, nor help her run their flour mill.  Most importantly, Brianna worries about the day she can no longer fight off unwanted suitors desperate to take over the flour mill via marriage.  On one such day, Brianna is doing her best to get rid of a foul smelling and vile man but to no avail.  Rescue comes in the form of Sloan McAlister, a railroad agent toting a silver badge, long rifle, and wearing a black duster.  Looking into his eyes, Brianna experiences desire and while she canít see herself with someone as enticing as Sloan, she sure can hope.  Brianna has no idea that Sloan will be called upon to rescue her again, this time for keeps.

Railroad agent Sloan McAlister is instantly attracted to and aroused by the innocent Brianna Spencer.   Knowing that she is single handedly running her fatherís business, he canít help but be in awe of her audacity and fortitude.   Sloan also knows that it is only a matter of time before the men start sniffing around her and her mill in order to try and win her hand.  Vowing to protect her but not get involved, Sloanís heart doesnít listen and all too soon it is telling him exactly what a man like him doesnít want to hear; he loves her. 

May I just say how much I love Mary Wine? I have yet to read a book penned by her that I havenít enjoyed.  Let Me Love You was truly a wonderful addition to my library.  I fell instantly in love with Sloan and could picture him standing on the railroad tracks.  My imagination ran rampant with his loving of Brianna and she was one lucky woman.  Add their relationship into the story and add the intriguing plot and I was in heaven.

Let Me Love You releases from Samhain in late July.  It is not to be missed. 


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