Latharian Review by Amon Bieste
Elloras Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419911132
Reviewed by Rosemary



Admiral Corral Melhen is sent aboard the spaceship Ecker3 to review the three Latharian males returning from a mission to Earth.  Corral’s boss assigned her this review as punishment because she refused his sexual advances.  Latharians are sensual aliens who dominate human females.  What the humans don’t understand is that the Latharian’s form of enslavement means Corral will please them, and the three of them will please her. 

Latharian Review is an example of sensual experiences explored.  Amon Bieste creates a different concept of dominator and slave, in this story version, slavery is a relationship of respect.  This is an out of the ordinary and enjoyable bondage story.


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