Just Friends by Anne Thomas
Amber Allure
Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-061-9
Reviewed by Hunter



Eli Walsh has had it bad for his best friend, Grant, since they met. He spends his time fantasizing about the other man, wondering if it could ever happen. When Eli finds out from another friend of Grantís, Ian, that Grant is at the notorious gay bar, The Eagles, Eli realizes that just being friends with Grant will never be enough. He ventures into the bar, finding out when he sees all the BDSM couture that itís a lot more than he expected to walk into.

Grant had never told Eli that he was into the kink scene, but now his younger friend is in the bar and heís in way over his head. Grant is amazed to see Eli there, and decides itís time he makes a move on him, by offering to train him as a sub. Heís not looking for anything serious but can the inexperienced boy make him change his mind?

Just Friends was a good read, although it was a typical one. The plot was fairly easy to figure out within the first chapter of the story, though it did keep me interested enough to keep reading until I reached the end. I knew how it would end, but the sexy and dominant Wolf Grant made me want to keep readingÖand made me want to find a straight guy just like him! Why is it that all the best ones donít swing my way? The chemistry between Eli and Grant was great, as well as the element of discovery. Overall, this one was a pretty good read.


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