Jude’s Choice by Kaenar Langford
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Futuristic/Ménage a trios/Gay
ISBN: 9781419911019
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jude Roland has a choice to make. A choice that at first he thought would be easy.  Since the woman he has in his cabin has a bounty being offered on her head, all he has to do is offer her in place of his navigator and all will be well.  There is just one problem.  After having touched her, Jude doesn’t know if he is going to be able to let her go.  But in keeping her, will he lose his navigator?

Delia is one of the best fighter pilots there are.  Told to take a vacation, she and her friend are on the cowboy planet and she keeps feeling as if someone is watching her.  Since she has only been attracted to one man the past few months, a bounty hunter, she doesn’t know why her neck is tingling.  Leaving the bar to go back to her cabin, she finds out exactly why her neck was tingly and the answer comes in the form of a six foot three inch bounty hunter.  Delia is unsure of why she desires him so much but she is willing to go along for the ride, until he betrays her. Or does he?

Jude’s Choice was so much more than the blurb led me to believe.  Since I love a good ménage story, I settled in for what I hoped would be a good entertaining read.  What I got was a great read that was so completely erotic and steamy that I honestly had to get up more than once to cool off.  Jude and Toryn are delightful together.  The love these two men share with each other was powerful and highly contagious if Delia’s reaction to them was anything to go by.  Delia herself was a surprise to me.  Fully expecting a tough as nails fighter pilot, I got an extremely smart woman who knew what she wanted or rather WHO she wanted.  And she wanted Jude and Toryn. Completely and without question.

Kaenar Langford has a winner in my opinion with Jude’s Choice. I just hate that the book ended.  I could have read about these three sexy and sensuous characters for a long time!


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