Into the Heat by Kate Burns
Heat Sheet Force
Contemporary Romance/Smoke Jumpers
ISBN: 1-59426-999-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Delia is one of a few women smoke jumpers, and proud of it.  She has been attracted to Cooper “Coop” for a long time now.  But, he is very quiet and reserved and doesn’t show interest in anyone or anything, other than the job.  They are assigned to a remote outpost for a two-week stretch, alone.  Things heat up more than Delia had planned, but as she may have wished they would for a long time.  The problem is that the next day they seem to be playing “who can avoid the subject the best”, and are called to another fire as they are on their way back to base.  Will they have more time together?  Will they deal with their attraction?

Into the Heat is a ‘smokin hot’ romance about two smoke jumpers.  I enjoyed Kate Burns descriptions about the gear and the set ups for fire watching.  The story is fast paced and you are able to see a lot of what Delia is thinking, both her insecurities and as well as her desires.  Into the Heat is a great break from the normal men/women in uniform romances and worth your read.


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