Hurricane Season by Loribelle Hunt
Seasons of Change: Summer
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-141-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Her stepfather, the alpha of his wolf clan, has called Celeste home.  Not sure why he is adamant that she come home, Celeste is hoping for some answers.  What she gets are half-truths and one very big shock.  It seems that Quinn, her shape shifting former fiancť didnít actually leave her as she was told.  He was informed she had died in a plane crash a few years ago that left her in the hospital for months.  Now Quinn holds the mortgage on a parcel of land that is supposed to be hers.  Land that her stepfather is in danger of losing because he canít pay the note. Celeste is asked to go to Florida where he is now living in order to make arrangements for her stepfather to keep the land.  Celeste plans on staying with her fiancť Derek but when she goes to his house and sees what he does with a blonde, Celeste takes off running to Quinn in the middle of a hurricane. 

I didn't read the blurb for Hurricane Season.  That is how sure I am of the fact that when I pick up a Loribelle Hunt novel, I am in for a great plot and wonderful characters.  Celeste reminded me a lot of myself.  I thought she was loyal, feisty, and extremely aware of the fact that Quinn would have never left her alone had he known she was alive.  Quinn was a shape shifter as well and as such, only able to mate for life.  The fact that Celeste was dead, or so he thought, didnít allow him to even begin to want to look for another mate.  If he couldnít have Celeste then he wanted her land because that was the closest he could get to her.  I canít say that I blame him.

In true Loribelle Hunt style, Hurricane Season is entertaining, steamy and just well written.  I continue to enjoy each and every book she writes and look forward to many more novels from this talented author. 


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