House of Lies by Margaret Toussaint
The Wild Rose Press
Crimson Rose/Mystery & Suspense Romances
ISBN 1-60154-031-0
Reviewed by Jen



Hannah Montgomery visits the remote cottage she’s inherited from the father she last saw twenty-two years ago, and finds Jake Sutherland in residence. He promised his dying partner (Hannah’s father) that he'd help Hannah get settled.  Hannah's quest for the truth of her father’s strange, secretive life challenges Jake's loyalty and honor to the utmost.

House of Lies is a mixture of romance and suspense and though the reader knows early on that Jake is expecting trouble, part of the suspense is never knowing when or how it will arrive. Romance buds, but can it survive amongst the lies?

Ms Toussaint knows how to express the frustration and worries of her leading characters and she writes well. House of Lies was well thought out and leads the reader on. My only criticism, and it is a tiny one, is that the story could have been a tad shorter and therefore a tad sharper, which would have been good for the suspense side of the plot. That aside, I enjoyed reading about the super organized heroine with the wacky, disorganized mother.


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