His Secret Desire by Tracey Devlyn
Miniature Roses
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Lily has a plan.  While her brother is out trying to lose all of their remaining funds she will keep training their prize stallion and when he wins they will be able to afford to get out of debt.  The only problem is that her brother keeps gambling them further and further into debut.

Julian has attempted to court Lily but to his frustration she doesnít seem to notice.  Though with the way her father has treated the women in the family it is not surprising.  When the opportunity to take control of not only the stable, home and even Lily, arises Julian jumps at the opportunity, knowing Lily will be furious.

Will Lily give into her heart or will she let the memories of her fathers abuse rule her head.

His Secret Desire is a wonderful story that will make you smile.  While Lily is tough and determined not to marry the Ms. Devlyn did a wonderful job in bringing Lily around to Julianís affections.   His Secret Desire will make most historical romance fans sit back and smile when they have completed the story.


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