His Boots Under Her Bed by Ana Leigh
Western Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-7434-6997-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Garth Fraser steps into the Grotto where Rory OíGrady dances and catches her eye.  Instead of leaving town, Garth sticks around and he and Rory find themselves either arguing or kissing whenever they are near each other.  When Roryís father steals Garthís gold mine map, the two become foes.  When it turns out that the map isnít what Garth thought he keeps his secret, but not for long.  During their journey to find gold, Rory and Garth find something much more valuable in each otherís arms.

His Boots Under Her Bed is a simple story.  There is not a lot of depth to the characters or the storyline.  There is however, a lot of arguing then making up between Rory and Garth though.  They spent most of the book fighting. It has some tender moments and a few passionate ones as well, but overall I didnít find His Boots Under Her Bed to be an engaging story.


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