Heart and Soul by Yolanda Sfetsos
Cobblestone Press
Vampire Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-134-3
Reviewed by Katherine



Mary doesnít remember her past, in fact, she couldnít remember anything other than that she worked at the coffee shop.  She wished she could escape, but canít.  The only highlight for her is the nice man who never drinks his coffee, but tips well.

Jake Wills was a vampire on a mission.  His current assignment is to investigate the person who had placed an ad in the paper to meet a vampire.  Luckily the meeting place was the coffee shop he liked to frequent.  It is as he works his case that he begins to realize that there is more going on in the coffee shop than people having meals.  He intends to help Mary escape.

I found the premise of Heart and Soul interesting, and I liked the characters.  However, I found the story a bit jumpy with too many subplots.  Also, the vampire world that this book incorporates is one that I typically avoid, it is one where I donít see the benefits of being a vampire.  I found the coffee shop story and the characters there fascinating and wish that they had been a larger part of the story.


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