Having His Baby by Candy Caine
Oceanís Mist Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Sarah has always been a mouse of a woman.  She doesnít attract the handsome men; she lives alone and works as a librarian.  When she is approached by a handsome man who she noticed in the library she is suspicious.  But, the man continues to return to the see her and let her become friendly with him.  He finally asks her for a date and while she is suspicious she is secretly thrilled.  She goes shopping and gets a new haircut which stuns him, and lets her feel better about herself.

Things are going along wonderfully for them until she overhears Adam talking to a friend and her world comes crashing down around her.  Can Adam make things right, or will Sarah revert back to her old ways?

Having His Baby is a wonderful heartfelt romance with a twist.  I loved seeing Sarah blossom into the woman she was meant to be.  I think the author did a good job mixing the super steamy sex with emotions to pull off a wonderful story.  If you like the Ugly Duckling turns into a Swan type stories then Having His Baby is a must read for you.  I look forward to reading more by Candy Caine.


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