Haunted by Ann Jacobs
Elloraís Cave
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1195-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In three short months it will be one hundred years since Laura Randall and Cyrus Bliss were burned to death in their bedroom.  Forced to stay in the house where they committed their sins, Laura and Cyrus must break the curse standing over them if they are to find eternal salvation.  If the curse isnít broken within the next 12 weeks the ghosts will be doomed to eternal damnation.  There is just one problem: no one will even consider buying the old dilapidated house and moving in.  That is until a woman searching for serenity buys the Bliss House and hires one of Lauraís descendents to renovate and restore it.

Jill Carey takes one look at Bliss House and knows that she has to have it.  The widow of a perverted man, it took his death to make her realize how much she needed to make a change.  Now if only she can find someone willing to take on the job as contractor and restorer of the house she just purchased. 

Help comes in the form of Kyle Randall, the great-great grandson of Laura Randall.  Wanting no part of Bliss House or the legend, Kyle only takes on the job that Jill advertised for because he has bills that he must keep up with and pay.  Not believing the innuendos and rumors of a curse and ghosts, Kyle canít help but be attracted to Jill.  However, since Kyle was burned at love and marriage once, he is less willing to try it again.  It will take the efforts of two very determined ghosts to make these two stubborn soul mates come around.  Hopefully it wonít be too late.

Previously released under another title and author pseudonym, I couldnít wait to read Haunted.  I know when I pick up a book written by Ann Jacobs I am going to be treated to a great storyline with suspense characters and a purposeful plot.  I enjoyed how the ghosts were given a point of view in Haunted and their interactions with Jill and Kyle within the story added depth and meaning to the setting as well as to the main idea.  Kyle, while being totally against finding someone else to love, came around, but whether he would have done that on his own without pressure from two very strong-minded ghosts remains to be seen.  Jill was emotionally scarred by her previous marriage and for good reason.  I found it totally captivating to watch her fall in love with Kyle and explore feelings that she let herself forget were important.  All in all, Haunted was just the perfect read for me to enjoy and savor.  I may have to reread it again very soon!


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