Game Over by Sahara Kelly
Elloraís Cave
Romantic Comedy/Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419908491
Reviewed by Amelia



Princess Zara is waiting for her champion, Sir Lincoln of Green. Sir Lincoln is fighting all sorts of challenges to make it to the tower and rescue Zara. He fights double-headed animals, horny fairies and lustful mermaids.


Zara is having her own problems. The designer of the video game where she and Lincoln reside have made it to where sheíd canít have sex with anyone but him. And itís leaving her extremely frustrated. She just has to pray that some talented gamer will help Lincoln make it past the obstacles, up the tower wall and into his princess.


If I can stop laughing long enough, I can write this review. Seriously, Game Over is totally different from anything Iíve read in a long time. I laughed out loud at much of it, or said, eeeew at parts of it. To say it was entertaining would be an understatement.

I donít want to give away too much, because that would take away from the joy of discovering Zara, Lincoln and their shared frustrations and joys. Enjoy, reader. Game Over is a real treat.


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