Forbidden by Moira McTark
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60088-145-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Claire Normandy has two weeks to see her dream of having an art gallery fulfilled.  She is on the run from her overbearing and completely stifling father and every time she almost sees her dream a reality, he finds her and makes her return to his home.  With just a few short days left, Claire needs construction on her gallery and turns to a well-known contractor for the work.  Little does she know that the owner is no longer who she thinks it is -- it is the man that lied to her, betrayed her, and broke her heart ten years ago. 

Cade Watts bought his construction company from the previous owner three years ago.  Coming face to face with the owner of Clear Skies Enterprises, Cade is astonished to recognize Claire Normandy, the woman solely responsible for breaking his heart ten years ago and sending him to prison.  Watching Claire’s reaction and mannerisms, Cade decides then and there that she has a secret. A secret he is going to get to the bottom of and while he is at it, he is going to find out why she changed her mind so long ago.

Cade and Claire were the victims of her father’s machinations.  Each didn’t know the other was betrayed because they were only given information that Claire’s controlling father wanted.  Even with Cade’s having been supposedly betrayed, he still loved Claire it was apparent at first as well as his anger, he could not think of anyone else but her. Claire was the same way; she never got over her first love and when the two re-established their relationship? It was sweltering, sexy, and just downright fantastic. 

Forbidden by Moira McTark is a winner in my book. I appreciated how it was written, I loved Cade’s dominating spirit, and I treasured Claire’s submission.  Long story short? Don’t miss Forbidden by Moira McTark. It is a wonderful addition to anyone’s keeper shelf!


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