For Life by Lorie O’Clare
Werewolves of Malta, Book 5
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Werewolf
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1224-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lunewolf Maura Wagner, as a last resort, goes to her pack leader and asks to be let out of her mating to Pete.  When she is told under no circumstances will their mating be set aside, she resigns herself to her fate.  Working all day to make a nice meal for her mate when he gets home, her efforts are wasted when Pete walks in the door and informs her that he has had it with her embarrassing him and proceeds to force her into their car, drives her to the mountains, and throws her out without even a coat.  Having no where else to go, Maura holes up in a cave and is found the next morning by Josie Balzon, the Malta werewolf she remembers from months ago.

Josie Balzon can hear a lone female werewolf’s thoughts in his head.  Smelling her scent, his inner wolf is stopping at nothing until he finds her.  Doing just that, Josie climbs into the cave and comes face to face with the beautiful, blonde Lunewolf that he met months ago when he embarrassed her mate in front of his pack and hers.  When Josie finds out exactly why Maura is alone and hiding out in a cave, he vows then and there that she will be a widow and thus be awarded widow status and her freedom.  He doesn’t count on mating her and he really doesn’t count on wanting to stay mated to her -- For Life.

Lorie O’Clare’s Malta werewolves have quickly and without a doubt become my all time favorite werewolf novels.  There is nothing about this series that I haven’t liked but to be honest, I am leaning towards For Life as my favorite.  Having met Josie in Forbidden Attraction, book four of the series, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and how sexy he was in just the few pages he was featured.  Well, let me make it clear now, Josie Balzon is sinfully sexy from head to toe.  His ability to read people’s thoughts could have been the biggest burden but he was able to function and I even found humor at his listening in to Maura’s thoughts, especially when she was thinking about him.  I found Maura to be strong and intelligent and her yearning for freedom was so emotional that I felt for her.  I can’t say that I blame her for being scared.  I would have been scared as well.  As for her mating with Josie? It was steamy, sensual, and pure decadence. 

Lorie O’Clare has my undying love and affection for this series and for this book.  I can’t wait to see who she writes about next!


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