Five O’Clock Shadow by Genie Davis
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-4201-0143-9, 1-4201-0145-5 (ebook)
ISBN: 0-8217-7978-8 (Print)
Reviewed by Barb



Jessie Adams is a part-time musician, an alternative/indie music DJ and a sucker for blond longhaired musicians.  Her friend’s business, The Sea Shack, is being threatened with rezoning by the local city council; she decides to run for public office.  Unfortunately, the candidates are all being threatened.  Fortunately, she has run into (literally) tall, sexy Detective Chuck Jackson.  Will she be lucky in love or win the election?

Five O’Clock Shadow is an amusing tale of small town politics and love.  I enjoyed reading it, but I did find that the story dragged in places mainly due to the main character’s habit of over describing her quirks and life in general.  These descriptions could be funny, but they did drag the book down a bit.  However, that said, it is a good book for a quiet night or day when you want an amusing story to keep you smiling.


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