Fated Passion by Marianne LaCroix
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Sharon



Alexia Bell learns that her ex-lover, Robert Matheson, will be in Tallahassee for a book signing at her favorite bookstore.  Fifteen years earlier, before Rob became a best-selling author, he walked away from Allie because he wasn’t ready for marriage and she was.  Now Allie finds herself a divorced mother of two and wonders “what if….”

Finding himself in Tallahassee, Rob can’t help wondering how Allie is doing, reminiscing about their lives together and how things ended up the way they are.  Once they meet up in the bookstore, the passions flare back to life between Allie and Rob. But will the flame burn out just as quickly?

In Fated Passion, Allie and Rob are an explosive couple and I couldn’t help but root for them as they tried to find a way to be together.  Their second-chance-at-love story was very touching, even though some things were a bit too convenient. 


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