Fantasmagorical by Annmarie McKenna
A Midsummer’s Night Steam story
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Ménage/Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-579-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Evan Knight is looking for a week of fun filled ‘sexcapades’ promised in the brochure.  Having taken all the preliminary tests, quizzes, and surveys, Evan is anxious to meet the man that the resort has paired her with.  Imagine Evan’s surprise when she finds out that not only is she paired with a virile, sexy man, she is paired with two virile and sexy men that make her crave any and all things carnal.

Ever since reading Evan Knight’s surveys and quiz results, lovers, partners, and best friends Gabe and Lance have a feeling that she just might be the third they have been looking for.  While Evan has a fantasy involving two men, Gabe and Lance aren’t sure if the fantasy involves the men making love as well.  There is only one way to find out and so their seduction begins.  When everything is said and done, will Evan still be the one?  Only she can answer that question and Gabe and Lance may be surprised with the results.

Having loved Annmarie McKenna’s writing since her first release, I found myself craving Fantasmagorical in the worst way.  Anticipating a good ménage story, I got an excellent love story involving three very special people.  Evan, when she loved, she loved with everything she had.  The men in her life, Gabe and Lance, were two lucky men for having met her.  If Gabe and Lance were lucky, Evan was more fortunate than she ever thought or hoped to dream.  Those two men loved her totally, completely, and unconditionally.  Not only did they love her, but they loved each other as well. 

I drowned myself in ménage heaven with Fantasmagorical.  I can’t wait to see what Annmarie McKenna releases next!


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