Eros' Arrow by Annmarie Ortega
Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60435-002-9
Reviewed by Dee Valentine



Everyone deserves to give love and be loved.  This includes Eros the god of love. 

Day after day Eros goes and shoots someone with his arrow and by nightfall they are madly in love with the person they will spend the rest of their life with.  Night after night Eros has an intensely erotic dream of the same woman and he knows that she is the woman for him!  He can feel it deep down; he wants her to be his mate so badly that he can envision them spending eternity together.  He’s never felt a passion this intense, this real, with anyone before.  He’s been with a goddess or two, a mortal here and there and none of them compare to the woman named Amanda. Surprise doesn’t even begin to compare to what he feels when he sees Amanda’s name on his list to be hit with love’s arrow. This is just unacceptable!  Amanda belongs to him but can he have her?  Can she be his?

Night after night Amanda wakes drenched in sweat and her juices, dreaming, lusting, and loving a man, god-like in stature that only appears in her dreams. In her dreams she loses all her inhibitions and fears.  If she could only meet him in person, she would love to know if reality is as good as the dreams.  How is she supposed to be with anyone else after loving her dream man?

Eros’ Arrow starts off with a bang!  Ms. Ortega makes Eros more than just a sexy hunk; he has feelings, wants, and needs.  Instead of being a god who just shoots people with arrows, Eros shoots them by day and dreams of having a love of his own at night.  I totally love this additional side of his personality.  The requirements necessary for Eros’ mate almost makes it seem as though he is fated to be alone, forever causing others to fall in love but never finding his own.  Despite the fact that the sex is so blisteringly hot that it wouldn’t even register on my thermometer, I’m still moved by both Eros’ and Amanda’s despair at not finding each other and not wanting anyone else.  Having to keep turning the pages faster and faster became a necessity, the need to know if they meet, if they fall in love in person the way they do in their dreams and to know if being mated is a possibility.  Do you want to know too?  Get a copy of Eros’ Arrow and get all of your questions answered!

* This is a reedited story that has been previously published elsewhere


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