Elven Surrender by Jory Strong
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Fantasy/Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1238-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Silver Delacroix is a witch.  Her entire life she has trained for, and been ready to gain her own territory.  When a mark appears on her palm, meaning that now she can be claimed by a warlock, Silver runs.  She runs straight into forbidden territory; Elven territory.  It is there that she runs across two brothers.  Two brothers so attractive and virile that Silver figures she can have a couple of days of fun and then she will fulfill her destiny.  It seems that the brothers have something different in mind for Silver.  Something she will crave, but also be afraid of.  Will the brothers be able to convince her that she is their true mate and the one person that can alleviate the need for bloodshed?

Wraith In Shadows and Tynan Carved From Stone are half-brothers but had not met until recently.  Wraith has come up with a solution to end the battle that could happen for his now deceased father’s throne before it begins.  Both men have been raised separately to take their father’s place, but neither wants to harm the other.  The solution that Wraith puts toward Tynan is to share a wife.  Not any wife will do however, she must possess some magic and bear the mark.  When they find Silver trespassing on Elven land and notices she bears the mark, both men decide then and there that she is the one that destiny wants for them.  Now all they have to do is convince her.

Jory Strong continues to amaze me with her stories.  Just when I think I have read every type of story from her that could be written, she goes and writes another captivating novel such as Elven Surrender.  Full of erotic love scenes, true emotions, with a plot that enticed and held my attention, I could not put Elven Surrender down.  While the brothers may not have met prior to deciding to work together, I love how they put aside differences and found the one woman that completes them.  Silver, for all of her bravado about wanting to be her own witch with territory, was putty in their handsome, virile hands.

Jory Strong has another winner on her hands with Elven Surrender.  I love her writing style and books like this just continue to whet my appetite for this talented author.


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