Dragon Healer by Rachel Reeves
The Wild Rose Press
Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Tani could remember a time when multitudes of dragons flew in the skies.  She had taken comfort in that.  Years passed, and things had changed.  Her parents had died a long, drawn out death, and the dragons no longer flew overhead.  She lived alone and contented herself with being a healer.

As an elf, Jerin had no use for humans, but his father, King Grelas, had ordered him to find a particular human healer.  The dragons were becoming ill and dying, and King Grelas believed that Tani was their last hope to save the dragons.

Dragon Healer was an entertaining tale.  I was intrigued by the sickness that was befalling the dragons, and engrossed in their plight as Tani struggled to identify the cause and cure.  The romance between Tani and Jerin was fun to watch unfold.  Tani had not been impressed with Jerin upon his arrival, as she considered him condescending, insolent and demanding.  My only problem with this story was that the charactersí Point Of View jumped too often, but on the positive, I always knew whose POV it was. 


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