Dominant Territory by Cora Zane
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Shifter
ISBN: 978-1-60088-149-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Libby and her friends are celebrating her ‘Happy Divorce Day’.  Laughing, joking, and engaging in cocktails, the ladies decide that they want to go out and have more fun.  One of the friends mentions a bar she had heard about and so the women go searching for it.  After traveling for a long time, the girls finally come to the bar.  While it comes across as looking like a biker’s bar, they have no choice but to go in since nature is calling, the friends head inside.  Immediately upon entering time seems to stand still and Libby feels as if she is the center of attention.  Basically she is because there is one man that is prepared to claim her; Drake Logan.

Smelling his angel as soon as she walks into the bar, Drake is trying to be nonchalant but as soon as two other shifters set their sights on his woman, Drake heads that way.  Introducing himself, Drake and Libby dance until a fight breaks out between one of her friends and a shifter.  Realizing their time is short, Drake does his best to make Libby remember him until they can be together again, not realizing that another were has his sights on Libby as well, and will challenge Drake as he has never been challenged before.

Talk about combustible! Libby and Drake’s attraction to each other was hot enough to melt wax and while Drake’s character was a shifter, their affair was realistic and very loving.  Drake’s passion for Libby was emotional and I love how no one else mattered but her.

I adored Dominant Territory.  Having read Cora Zane before, I knew I would be treated to an entertaining read and I was.  Dominant Territory is definitely a keeper for this shifter loving gal!


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