Devilís Night by Meg Winston
Phaze Heat Sheet
Contemporary BDSM/ BBW Erotic romance
ISBN: 978-1-59426-925-7
Reviewed by Indy



Cat and Drew had two diehard rules in their friendship, he would never mention her plus sized measurements and she would pretend she didnít want him as much as every other woman who came in contact with his glaring good looks. One bloodied nose and a misunderstanding leads to two months of pure misery for them both until Demon Drew decides enough is enough. He knows his best friend would be the best lover and heís willing to do whatever is necessary, including using a pair of cuffs to get her to admit that they are meant to be.

In a story overflowing with one continuous sexual escapade, Devilís Night was the equivalent of a raging libido out of control. Drewís mastery was only part of the equation that catapulted this story into a storm that was barely containable. With years of pent up need and desire finally released Wild Cat and Demon Drew put on a show that would leave even the most controlled person shivering out of control. Meg Winstonís upcoming release will have tongues hanging and elevate the already sweltering heat of summer.


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