Dead Shot by Annie Solomon
Sensual Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-0-446-61632-4
Reviewed by Nannette



In her pictures, she’s been murdered.  Gillian Gray is trying to draw out her mother’s killer with her macabre photos.  So far, she has only drawn the attention of the police and a security team.  Ray Pierce is her bodyguard and very intent on keeping her alive, but Gillian is reckless and doesn’t follow the rules, except the ones she has put in place for herself.  Soon, bodies are being found…replicating her work.  After Gillian tosses Ray aside, again, and the killer makes his move, will their tumultuous pasts keep them apart or will Ray make it back in time to save her?

Annie Solomon’s books always draw me in and keep me glued to the pages and Dead Shot is no exception.  Gillian is tormented by her past and is fearful of her future.  Ray is haunted by his past and his future is uncertain.  Together Gillian and Ray make an intense and often times volatile pair.  Dead Shot kept me completely absorbed and on the edge of my seat waiting for what would come next. 


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