Dark Descent by Riane Lasair
Basilisk Tales, Book 1
Dark Eden Press
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Their two cities have distrusted each other for centuries – but will they be able to set this aside and work together to save everyone?

Vee lives in isolation because of his gift – he is such a powerful empath that being surrounded by people is painful and overwhelming.  Still, this ability makes Vee invaluable to the society of Undernegra.  When a group from above comes to seek Undernegra’s aid Vee is assigned to help them neutralize this threat.  But to Vee’s surprise one of these strangers has the ability to mute the emotions that cripple Vee.

Bran is one of the military men in the contingent sent to Undernegra to seek their aid.  As all the people of his group are, Bran is amazed at the technology and how similar the people of Undernegra are to his own people in Aergra, above ground.  Then, Brand meets Vee and he begins to discover how different they really are from each other when Vee reveals some of the secrets of their society.

But soon strange things start to happen between Vee and Bran that will bring them closer – if they let it happen.

Dark Descent is a truly awesome fantasy tale that really displays how talented Riane Lasair is as a writer.  However, the book could have used a good editor to catch the small mistakes - in spelling, chronology and background information - that kept this book from being stellar.  That said Vee is an amazingly endearing character with his shyness and vulnerability that make you want to cuddle him and protect him from the world.  Bran, on the other hand, is a strong alpha male that is meant to be a protector, which makes him perfect for Vee.  These two make a wonderful combination which will keep you turning the pages, eager to know what comes next and the passion between them will have you sweating from the very start.  I really loved Dark Descent and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


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