Custom Ride by K. A. Mitchell
Midsummer Night’s Steam: Temperature’s Rising Story
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Red Hots! (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-590-X
Reviewed by Sabella



Ryan is living a free life, now that he is out of the Air Force.  He is who he is and he is not going back in the closet for anyone.  One night, Ryan has a chance encounter with a stranger in a club that won’t leave his mind. But unless he meets this man again there is no chance for Ryan to live out the fantasies he has been building in his mind.  When Ryan is roped into doing a favor for his brother he meets his stranger again – Jeff.  As soon as Ryan and Jeff come together they find that the experience is hotter that either man expected and that they have much more going for them than explosive chemistry.  However, when Ryan finds out that Jeff can’t openly date him things get a little tricky – will Ryan be willing to compromise to stay with Jeff?

Reading Custom Ride was a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.  Ryan and Jeff are both hot men and when they come together it will scorch you.  Their romance is sweet, passionate and fragile due to the secrets that Jeff keeps.  It was heart wrenching to understand why Jeff must keep his sexuality a secret and Ryan’s uncompromising attitude towards Jeff and their relationship.  When Ryan and Jeff finally reconcile it will soothe your heartache, and it will leave you wishing that story hadn’t ended so soon.  I really enjoyed reading Custom Ride and I urge you to pick up this book for a great afternoon’s entertainment that’s full of passion and emotion.


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