Crazy for the Cowboy by Cindy Spencer Pape
Love at the Crazy H, Book 1
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1 60154 043 4
Reviewed by Jen


Ree Jakobowski dreams shes losing her virginity. She wakes up to find she really is having sex for the first time with a total stranger. Its kind of hard to face him next morning, especially when Ree discovers the man in her bed is the sheriff. It turns out it is not even her bed. Her life rapidly runs off the rails.

Crazy for the Cowboy is a delightful meander among characters and ghosts inhabiting a small town in Colorado where Rees whole life changes direction. Cindy Papes book is well written, amusing and holds one or two surprises about Rees past that keep the reader interested.

I enjoyed Crazy for the Cowboy and loved Fitz Hall, the hero. Hes a wonderful creation.


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