Cowboy Fling by Sherry James
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Western
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1092-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Paige Holister and her sister made a bet years ago.  If neither of them were married by their thirtieth birthday, then they would pamper themselves by following through and participating in three of their most wanted sexual fantasies.  It is Paigeís turn to indulge and if she canít convince the object of her obsession to participate in three days of carnality, then she will have to pay up and that is something she will never be able to live down. 

Lane Hart is looking for anything but love and commitment.  When bashful Paige Holister hints at a no strings attached weekend love fest, he canít help but be intrigued and he for sure canít turn her down.  However, the joke is on Lane when it is all said and done because what started out as three days just might be something a bit more along the lines of forever. 

Wowza! Cowboy Fling was a scorcher and a half.  I love cowboy loving and this book had it all.  Wyoming cowboy Lane Hart was the epitome of sexiness and I, for one, would have fallen under his spell just as easily as Paige.  Paige was likeable in a true southern fashion and I could relate to her shyness as well.  All in all, Cowboy Fling was hot enough to start a fire and I found myself quickly needing to be doused with water.  Excellent book!


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