Claiming Kate by Zannie Adams
Naughty Nuptials
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Contemporary/Quickie
IBSN: 978-1-4199-1017-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kate and Mason are getting married in one week.  Friends since grade school,

Kate and Mason are best friends.  However, in the months leading up to their wedding, Mason seems to have drifted away from Kate and she doesn’t know how to handle that.  Dealing with wedding plans and his mother doesn’t help.  She just wishes she knew what was wrong so that she can have her lover back. 

Mason is tired of seeing his cousin cozying up to his woman.  Having had enough, Mason throws his cousin out and proceeds to show Kate exactly what happens to naughty girls who push their fiancé’s buttons. 

Zannie Adams hooked me with this one! Claiming Kate was completely captivating.  I love how Mason was easy going until he was pushed too far and with his brand of punishment, let me be the first to say that if I was his fiancée, I would be in trouble hourly. I could relate to the realistic plot and very much enjoyed reading this book. Ms. Adams gets two thumbs up on this one!


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