Cast a Loverís Spell by Claire Thompson
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0981-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Paul Windsor is a powerful warlock. Most of the time women love him for no other reason than he is enigmatic.   The other times he uses his powers for person gratification.  Paul sees a sad looking and lonely woman in the park and by putting himself in her head; Paul discovers just how much agony she is in.  Covertly following her home, he decides he needs to see her again. At first he enchants her compliance and hopes that she will soon want to be his on her own. 

Anne Kaliner has been unable to emotionally get past the death of her husband eight months ago.  Each day runs into the next until Anne is barely able to function.  It is on one such day that she is sitting and feeding pigeons when an extremely attractive man asks to sit with her and while she wants to refuse, her ability to verbalize those thoughts has vanished.  Later that night, guilt assuages Anne and she vows to continue to mourn and not tarnish her husbandís memory with another man, no matter how attracted she is to him.

Paul has his work cut out for him.  This is the first time a mortal has enchanted him so completely and he wants Anne to love him without his magic. 

Cast a Loverís Spell grabbed my attention immediately upon reading the blurb.  Knowing and loving Ms. Thompsonís writing style, I just knew I was going to be treated to a good read. Part of this was true. The plot was excellent and I like how torn Paul was with wanting Anne to love him without his enchanting her.  Anne was just as torn because she wanted to remain loyal to her deceased husband but found herself craving Paul constantly.  With the characterization of Paul and Anne likeable, I was dismayed to realize how emotionally flat they were together.  Did they have great sex? Somewhat. Could I see and feel their emotions when they were together? No. Together, Paul and Anne were unexciting to me and I found myself skimming their sex scenes. The greatest scene with the most emotion was in fact the scene that caused Cast a Loverís Spell to come with a warning label. 

I did not buy into this book as much as I wanted.  Claire Thompson continues to be a favorite author of mine despite my not liking Cast a Loverís Spell.  Just as one bad apple doesnít spoil the entire tree, Cast a Loverís Spell didnít spoil my love of this authorís work. 


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