Bus Stories and Other Tales by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Anthology Romance
ISBN 0-9748202-3-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Beginning to Believe

Kit Keyes is looking for a motorcycle and is sent to Tyler Jenkins for advice. Tyler builds and fixes bikes.  Kit lost the lower half of his legs in an accident.  The accident caused more than a physical injury though. Kit lost his friends and his career as well. Tyler can help Kit get the bike he needs. He just might be able to give him what his heart needs as well.

Beginning to Believe is lovely. Itís a story with heart. Tyler and Kit are sexy, passionate and loving men.  Beginning to Believe is a wonderful story.


Radio Boys

Paul Stearn is a DJ and a singer. He meets Thor Sorenson while playing one night. The men hit it off and Paul takes Thor home with him.  Paul is blind but that doesnít prevent him from seeing the beauty in Thor.

Thor and Paul are perfect together right from the start.  Radio Boys is a hot and sweet story.


Bus Story #1

Jonathan has a job that just about keeps him and Benjamin afloat.  Benny is always getting into trouble and J gets him out of it.  J has a scar and Benny has a matching tattoo. They are madly in love.  

 Bus Story #1 is a day in the lives of Benny and J. Itís really heartwarming and sexy. Benny is a bit of a misfit and J is the stable one. To look at them they probably donít seem to fit but they do, they fit just right.  


The Present

Griziek has a received another gift from his father. Unlike all the rest though, this gift is special. Ellem is unique, he is sweet and affectionate and he makes Grizzie very happy.

The Present is an interesting story. Both Grizzie and Ellem are needy sweet creatures that find a friendship and passion with each other.


Still Waters

Bry is in mourning. When a raging storm blows in, it brings back his Val, his heart and his soul. 

Still Waters a very moving story, itís quick but packed with imagery and emotion.


Bus Stories # 2

Benny is in trouble again. Panhandling at the mall is not good thing.  Jonathan is angry, but when he looks into Bennyís eyes he sees the man he loves, trouble and all.

In Bus Stories # 2 you can see why J gets frustrated with Benny, and why he loves him so much. Iím falling for both of them myself.


Winterís Gift

Geoff finds Mauve, an injured fairy in the woods. He takes him home and cares for him. The two become very close. Once heís recovered, and spring has come, Mauve needs to fly back home though.

Winters Gift is about two very different individuals who find something really special with each other. Itís a lovely story full of passion, emotion and a happy ending.


Bus Stories # 3

Benny and Jonathan have to make sure theyíre safe so theyíre getting tested. Theyíre scared but theyíll face things together. Just like they always do.

Bus Stories #3 is intense and passionate.  Itís realistic and necessary. I loved it.


Watching Angels

Gabriel is Benjaminís lover and his friend.  They fit together like a devil and a fallen angel.

Gabe and Ben are very loving, sexy and passionate men. Watching Angels is a love story with tenderness and sizzling passion.   


Bus Stories #4

Jonathan and Benjaminís lives are about to change. The unknown is scary to Benny but J knows that if they stay together theyíll be just fine.  He just has to convince Benny now.

Bus Stories # 4 is a bit of a tearjerker. Itís very moving. I adore these men.   


The True wind

Cikor was waiting for his mate to choose him. Iknorís decision brings great joy to them both

The True Wind is magical and beautiful short story.


Bus Stories # 5

Benny kissed a girl. J saw him. Benny has some explaining to do.

I could feel Jís hurt and worry, and Bennyís need to reassure in Bus Stories # 5.  I was really worried for a bit myself. 


The Bistro

Richard has been stood up by his date but he decides to stay to sample the excellent smelling food at the bistro. As heís eating he sees a familiar face, his old lover Stephen Dean.  Stephen is happy to see him. They share chocolate and small talk then go to Stephenís where they hope to share so much more.

The Bistro is the story of reunited lovers that is as delicious and sweet as the chocolate ganache Stephan prepared.  Itís very romantic.


Bus Stories # 6

Benny left.  Can they find their way back to each other?

Bus Stories # 6 made me so sad. Then it made me very happy. Have I mentioned that I adore Benny and J?


The Bohemians

Topaz has been waiting for his soul mate. When he meets Quincy Williams he knows he is the one. Topaz shares a special if unconventional relationship with Leo and Stephan. Leo and Stephan are a couple but they are also his lovers. Quincy makes it clear how he feels about their relationship. If he canít accept it, Topaz may have to choose between the men he loves.

I can certainly understand and sympathize with Quincy in The Bohemians.  Things work out as they should, and the relationship is certainly a loving and passionate one. My feelings of angst stayed with me though. I just donít share well. 


Bus Stories and Other Tales is a compilation of stories that are highly imaginative, sexual, loving, and romantic. I enjoyed them all very much.


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