Bride Portal by Michele Bardsley
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911439
Reviewed by Sharon



Just having endured being fired from her job, carjacked during a storm, and unable to get inside her home because of the broken key in the lock, Mary Jeanne Wolmack must now face her handsome neighbor while looking like a soaked rat.  It’s too bad that Matthew Adams is one cookie shy of a dozen, because there is no way this demigod of lust can be attracted to fat, plain-jane, Mary – or so she thinks.

Tek, aka Matt Adams, is actually the Crown Prince of Kratania, and the Oracle has ordained that Mary is his mate, his harataya.  Although he takes it on faith, Tek is knocked for a loop once he sees Mary for the first time.  Tek has been going crazy for two weeks trying to get Mary’s attention and, now that he has it, he is not letting Mary go – ever.

Funny, fast-paced Bride Portal provides many light-hearted, comedic moments interwoven with several hot sexual interludes.  If you are looking for a quick getaway, then step into the Bride Portal.


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