Blood Moon by Rose Marie Wolf
Moon series, Book 2
ISBN: 1-59998-527-6
Reviewer: Little Sunshine



Simon Connor has kidnapped Rose Sullivan, believes that he has murdered everyone at the PRDI and has left one of his men behind.   Everything is going according to plan and nothing can impede Simon from implementing his twisted and deranged plot.  Heartbroken and torn, Rose is less than willing to be a pawn in this madmanís twisted scheme.  Convinced that Jason is dead, Rose refuses to submit to Simon and that conceivably any hope of escaping from his clutches may lie with a sympathetic human named Claire.

Simonís mistake was underestimating Jasonís resilience and that it will take more than a few bullets to keep him away from his abducted mate.  Blinded by rage, impatience and the desire to inflict serious damage; Jason sets out to locate Simon and the other hunters. 

During his quest, Jason discovers that there are others of his kind willing to aid him, and unite to fight for their survival.  Can they thwart Simonís conspiracy before it is too late, or will the deceptive psychopath succeed?

Blood Moon is clever, witty, captivating and spine-chilling.  Even though the story was a little predictable at times, it was still very good.  This is the second book of the Moon Series and I must say that it well surpassed the first book.  I felt that Rose Marie Wolfís Blood Moon took me on a suspenseful journey that left me cheering for the good guys along with tense moments that left me at the very edge of my seat.  


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