Black Leather Rose by Jules Jones
Loose Id
GLBT Erotic Contemporary (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-511-1
Reviewed by Sabella



John is not very happy and distrusting everyone as he does, John is rarely disappointed.  He also has to be very careful around others, so as not to inadvertently reveal a secret that could earn him the distrust or disgust from those around him.  When he moves into a shared house, its owner Charles presents a great bonus to the perfect situation.  Charles does not mind that John is gay, but he is also very attractive and doesnít take casually the interest John shows as an invitation to pursue him.  As they get to know one another their attraction grows, but Charles will have to find a way to overcome Johnís defenses against the world.

Black Leather Rose is the story of a man who has felt rejection and discrimination when his BDSM preferences become known.  As a result John tends to be cynical and very wary of establishing close relationships.  I found Charles is witty and charming and John very likeable in a Murphy Brown sort of way.  I was rooting for John to be able to accept Charlesí offer of a closer relationship from the beginning.  However, I felt short-changed in the solitary encounter they share because after all the build-up it didnít really show up in their bedroom play.  That said, you will find Black Leather Rose an entertaining and amusing book if you enjoy sarcastic and cynical characters.


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