Beyond the Tears by Michelle Cary
Midsummer Nightís Steam story
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-577-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cassidy Yates has spent the last year in mourning for her husband who was killed while on active duty in Iraq.  Convinced by her friend April to go on vacation with her, Cassidy is at loose ends because she canít be the free sexual being that April wants her to be but the loneliness is eating at her and she is restless.  Figuring a swim would help calm her down enough to sleep, Cassidy heads to the pool and afterwards, she gets into the sauna.  Not seeing anyone around, she does what she has done for the last year since her husband died; she brings herself to completion.  Mortified that her life has come down to self-induced orgasms in public, Cassidy quickly exits the sauna and hurries to her room.

Chase Dempsey has never seen a more beautiful sight.  Going for a swim, he comes across a lovely red headed nymph obviously doing more than relaxing alone in the sauna.  When she finishes and hurries away, Chase knows that he has to find her again.  He is in Key West for a vacation and would love to spend the rest of his time there with someone for fun and relaxation.  Spying a piece of clothing the woman left while hurrying away, Chase grabs it and decides that he will find her again. That isnít all he founds, however. He may have just found the woman to spend the rest o f his life with.  Convincing her of this fact might take some doing since she is adamant she is not ready to be involved with another man. 

Beyond the Tears is right! This one made me cry; more than once! I loved every word of this story.  I thought Cassidy was brave and shy and simply astonishing as a heroine.  She truly wanted to be with someone for comfort, I knew and could feel how scared she was to take a chance on another love.  As for Chase? He was my perfect idea of a hero.  Sexy, playful, and just a good person, I liked how he made sure to be exactly what Cassidy needed in order to enjoy herself.  He was a sounding board and sex god all rolled into one. 

The ending was not how I envisioned it was going to be. It was just that much sweeter.  There was nothing I didnít like about Beyond the Tears except that it ended.  Michelle Cary is now officially on my authors to investigate and read more of radar. 


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