Ben’s Wildflower by Carol Lynne
Men in Love: Book Two
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909276
Reviewer: Dee Valentine



Kate loves her ranch.  She’s been its sole caretaker for years, she may be petite but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she needs to do.  Now she faces the very real threat of losing her ranch to the bank.  If that isn’t enough of a problem someone seems to want to see her lose her home faster because now Kate has major problems of sabotage happening all over her ranch!  What more can happen??

Enter Ben.  He is an ex-Navy SEAL who wants nothing more than a place to call his own. After hearing about Kate’s foreclosure issues, Ben comes up with a solution.  He can pay off the foreclosure bill and gain half the ranch and finally somewhere to lay his weary head.  Now if he can get Kate in the process life would be sweet!

Ben wants Kate with all that he is and he knows that she wants him too but she’s skittish about being with a man.  Ben is also a little hesitant about being with a woman as small and delicate as Kate.  His first time with a woman didn’t go too well and since then he’s been afraid of hurting a woman with his generous endowment again. But love can help overcome fears right?  Ben loves Kate his “Wildflower” and is willing to do anything to help ease her fears, while at the same time easing any worries that he may have about being intimate.

Ben’s Wildflower has an interesting plot.  Who is trying to run Kate off her ranch and why?  When I received Ben’s Wildflower for review, I truly thought with an ex-Navy Seal I was going to get a humdinger of a story. I was truly disappointed.  While the plot of the story is interesting, it was not enough to keep me enthralled. Two major turn offs for me was the over use of the nickname Wildflower, while Ben giving Kate that nickname is cute, using it in general conversation or whenever her name is mentioned was too much for stopped being cute after a while.  The nemesis in the book, Clint, also had a nickname, his was “little fucker”.  When first reading it and all the things Clint did and continued to do, the nickname for him fit, completely. BUT I truly and honestly wanted to throw my e-reader to the ground and stomp on it if I saw those two nicknames one more time!  Major turn off number two was Ben’s obsession with how endowed he was, which drove me nuts.  Again, my opinion only, but if a man’s penis is so large that when he gets erect he pokes over the top of his pants then he need not tuck in his shirt every time he is near the object of his affection.  Saying that Kate is too delicate tells me that Ben didn’t have much faith in whether or not she can take him before he even tried.  But I know it’s a story so I just kept reading and didn’t get too worked up over it. Those two things did drive me to the point of insanity.  Despite that, I continued reading because I liked the characters, main and secondary.  I enjoyed the storyline and wanted to see if Kate and Ben would get together, if Clint’s evil machinations would be stopped and overall to see how the story would end.  I found out my answers but I won’t give away spoilers. 

Despite Ben’s Wildflower having a good storyline I cannot honestly recommend this story to my fellow readers, but I can say that I am more than willing to give Ms. Lynne another try.  Maybe her next story will be more to my liking.


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