Bad Moon Rising by Leeanne Kenedy
Midsummer Night’s Steam Story
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-576-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Hailey Burke is feeling restless. Ever since finding out that her boyfriend Todd has been having an affair with his secretary, Hailey has wanted to retaliate in turn but has not done so.  Calling her friend Austin, she asks to come over and doesn’t hear his answer.  Now she knows that she should have listened because when she walks in Austin’s house, HE is there.  Zack Creighton, the bane of her existence and the man she loves to hate. Or does she? Hate him that is.  Hailey knows her feelings have to be because of the full moon because there is no way she is going to have a relationship with Zack Creighton. 

Zack Creighton knows that Hailey is less than fond of him.  She lets no opportunity slip by to show and say in not so many words exactly how she feels; he is the scum of the earth. Tired of her insinuations that he is a womanizing Neanderthal, Zack seduces her with the promise that it is only going to be for one night.  He figures he will get the perky and feisty redhead out of his system and be none the wiser.  Evidently the full moon is playing tricks with Zack because one night is not nearly enough.

Bad Moon Rising was just the book I needed to read.  Having heard about the “full moon” phenomena many times and what it can do, I sat back and prepared to enjoy Zack and Hailey’s story.  I figured Hailey would cave and in fact, thought it would take her longer.  I love Zack’s seduction of her.  He didn’t hold anything back and gave her his all.  It was simply steamy, stunning, and perfectly naughty. 

I love the Midsummer Night’s Steam stories offered by Samhain and Bad Moon Rising is the perfect addition to this series.


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